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Title search is an integral component of most real estate transactions. Without thorough research into records associated with a piece of property, a potential buyer risks inheriting any number of legal issues left behind by previous owners. These can include outstanding liens, unpaid taxes, ownership disputes or filing errors. Because these hidden potential legal problems can create a massive financial headache, it’s important to have an experienced professional conduct a title search during the course of a real estate transaction.

NORTHWEST TITLE PLANET can deliver customized products and services that aid in reducing overhead and operating costs, reducing cycle times and increasing the quality of its customer’s products.

Title Search Services We Offer

  • Title Search Services We Offer
  • Two Owner Search
  • 10 Years Search
  • 20 Years Search
  • 30 Years Search
  • Full Search
  • Update Search

Additional Title Search Services

  • Deed Search
  • Open Mortgage Search
  • Liens & Judgment Search
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Copies Search
  • Latest Tax Status Search
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