MUNICIPAL Lien Search Services

Municipal lien searches confirm whether or not there are any issues or liens attached to the property in question at the city/local level. NORTHWEST TITLE PLANET reps email/call/fax the appropriate county or city officials and confirm the current status of the property. This final search is usually performed a week or two prior to closing, gives, buyers and lenders the confidence that all issues have been addressed and they’ll avoid inheriting any unknown liabilities before they purchase the property.

Our Lien Search report includes

  • Local property taxes on land and building
  • Billed amount, paid amount, paid date, and delinquent tax information
  • Open/Pending/Expired Permits
  • We search for open/pending and expired permit information on the property
  • Code Enforcement
  • Violations provided in the city/county lien search results, code enforcement information is requested for each lien search.
  • Utility Account Balance.
  • Utility information as to the payment terms (monthly, quarterly, etc.)
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